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7 Japanese Fashion Trends for Women: Winter 2017

This winter fashion post wraps up the year in Japanese style trends for 2017. I’ve decided to change the title and format a little bit to make it easier to read and follow along with. This season, we’ll be seeing a swing back to more basic and girly styles after the showy florals and jewel tones of fall. Let’s get started. 

Coats in grey / white tones

Alright, so we already know that basically every woman in Tokyo owns a tan trench coat, and I think we’re all getting pretty tired of them. So the new color for winter and spring is very light grey tones, or shades of white (if you dare!). Don’t worry thought, light tans and light pinks are also in.

dazzlin / Emiria Wiz / MERCURYDUO

Fur & fur trim

As you’ve seen in the last photos, fur is trending. There’s not only faux fur but lots of expensive real furs, as well. Personally, I think faux fur is perfectly fine and I would NOT splurge on a real fur coat for so many different reasons. For both otona kawaii and onee gyaru styles, full fur coat as well as fur trim coats are in. 

Datura - tan fur coat


Oversized knits & jumpers

I honestly don’t think oversized knits will ever go out of style for winter. They are so cozy, so cute…what’s not to love? The dominant color trends for sweaters seems to be jewel tones (dark forest green, maroon/dark pink, mustard yellow), especially for otona kawaii and other adult styles. But lighter colors and basics (black, white, light pink) are also in for onee gyaru and more cute, sweet and girly styles.

Oversided sweater trends from Ungrid and GYDA.

Ungrid / GYDA

Embroidery & bead work 

Embroidery and bead work, especially floral themes, will be big. They’re easy, feminine and add visual interest to an otherwise bland sweatshirt or skirt. 

Tulle / chiffon skirts

Light, flouncy tulle, chiffon and lace skirts are the best choice this winter. Pair it with a buttoned down cardigan or knit sweater, throw your warm weather coat on and you’re ready for just about anything. It’s winter, so the length is obviously going to be quite long, but onee gals will still rock the midis or minis with boots and tights.

FURFUR / dazzlin / snidel

Square / chunky heels

Square heels are popping up everywhere. They’re practical, comfortable and look good on a boot. However, you’ll also find the square heel as a pump, slip-on, kitten heel and what have you.I have a pair of chunky heeled ankle boots I got from H&M like three years and I still wear them because this look keeps coming back in.

Animal print (coats)

I’m seeing quite a few brands trying out animal prints, mostly as a coat motif. I’m not sure how popular this will be. It all depends on if people can pull them off without looking like a 1990’s night worker or an aunt that didn’t get the memo on “no mini skirts after 35”. The best way to dip your toe into this trend is with animal print accessories, like a bag or headband. 

Other Japanese winter fashion trends:

  • Toggles – remember how British preppy and vintage was in last season? Well, hang on to your toggles, girls, cause they’re still hot for coats and jackets.
  • Maxi trench coats – trench coats that nearly touch the floor, in any color of the rainbow but especially black, white, light pink and grey.
  • “Cold shoulder” tops – sweaters with lace, mesh or bare cutouts are in, mainly for onee gyaru and other sexier styles.

PS – I’m so glad that chokers and corsets-over-clothes can finally be put to rest. Those things did NOT look good on me, and I won’t miss them. RIP.

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