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Top 4 – Best Chinese Dramas to Watch in 2017

Wondering which Chinese dramas to watch next? Check out my best recommendations of the year so far.

Sorry it’s so short btw, I just don’t watch as many dramas from the mainland as I do from Taiwan. Check out my post on Taiwanese dramas here.

The First Half of my Life | 我的前半生

This drama was well-received. The First Half of My Life is a new drama with around 45 episodes, all available for free on YouTube (!!). Most if  not all of them have English subs if you toggle the setting. It’s about a spoiled housewife whose life begins to fall apart when her husband falls out of love with her. It’s set in Shanghai, so the sets are always beautiful – that’s very important to me when watching a drama, I need the settings to transport me! Here’s a promo.

Rush to the Dead Summer | 夏至未至

Rush to the Dead Summer is also known as Love ’til the End of Summer. It’s based on a Chinese bestselling novel of the same name. Three unlikely friends form a strong bond in high school, but things look very different years later when the trio graduates. There are like a million episodes and I’ve hardly made a dent in it yet, but I like it so far. The lead actress is pleasant and doesn’t appear to be trying too hard (like certain other dramas in my list), but I really don’t the look of like the lead guy! “Stone faced” is right or what lol.

Rush to the Dead Summer | 夏至未至

Rush to the Dead Summer | 夏至未至

Stay With Me | 放弃我, 抓紧我

Stay With Me is a drama I like to put on when I’m doing other stuff and don’t mind if I miss important bits. Basically, the lead actress wakes up with amnesia, forgetting her life before the accident and how she came to be a successful fashion designer. She thinks she is in love with her rival, but is she? I like a story with scheming, but it does get tiresome. That’s why I just let it play and not mind if I miss anything.

Leave Me, Stay With Me | 放弃我, 抓紧我

Leave Me, Stay With Me | 放弃我, 抓紧我

Tiger Mom, Cat Dad | 虎妈猫爸

Tiger Mom, Cat Dad is my favorite drama of all time, so I decided to feature it here even though it didn’t come out in 2017. The story line is very relateable. Affairs, career problems, backstabbing girlfriends…what’s not to love? This is in addition to the main plot, which is basically: as her daughter approaches school age, a career-minded woman begins to wonder if she’s doing enough for her kid’s future and transforms into a Tiger Mom. Meanwhile, the laid-back “Cat Dad” tries to put their daughter’s happiness first.

Unlike most dramas, it isn’t overly dramatic or drawn out. The longer you watch it, the cornier it gets, but you still love the characters so much you watch it anyway. This drama came out in 2015.

Tiger Mom, Cat Dad | 虎妈猫爸

Tiger Mom, Cat Dad | 虎妈猫爸

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