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First Weeks Back in Tokyo

I have been in Tokyo for less than two weeks, and so much has already happened. I started taking my classes, had a job tryout, met so many amazing people.

But, anyway. First of all, it’s my first winter in Tokyo!

winter in tokyo

Yoyogi Park was a totally different experience without all the greenery.


winter in Tokyo

Then there was the heaviest snowfall and the coldest temperatures in Tokyo in years. The blizzard caused many businesses to close and massive delays on public transit.

winter tokyo

And obviously I moved into the new house. I was regretful at first, because I missed the old neighborhood in Tomigaya. This place, just west of Shinjuku, is not happening at all. But it eventually grew on me and I don’t regret my decision to find somewhere different one bit. 

Plus, I wanted a private room and I REALLY lucked out. I literally have the biggest and most spacious room in the house and I’m pretty sure the only one with a bed. But still so cheap.

Uh, but, the house and room are too ugly to show you so…moving on, shall we?

So, amazingly, I already went through a rough patch and a really, really bad day. Caused by my own drama-making. I know eh? I have the personality and verbal skills of a piece of paper and yet managed to turn the house into a reality TV show for my housemates in RECORD TIME. 

Even though it was difficult at the time, all the things I thought were bad turned out to be positive experiences in the end. And I’m looking forward to whatever is next.

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