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Japanese Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Time to check out some of my favorite Japanese fashion bloggers on Instagram. I’m mostly into onee gyaru and everyday feminine casual, but I appreciate a wide variety of styles, so I’m sure there’s something for everyone here. Let’s get started.

Maki – mak11kam

I love Maki’s snaps. Her fashion sense is very mature and easy to imitate, and she always makes sure the background is pretty. She mixes her style pics up with lifestyle: parties, food and flowers, so you can also get a little glimpse of her life in Tokyo.

Saaya – saaya831

Saaya is one of the top earning beauty YouTubers in the country. Her style is larme-kei. 

髪色メンテナンス行ってきた(*´◒`*)💖 ピンクとパープルのメッシュに ベースのカラーが綺麗すぎるアッシュ❤️ 色落ちしてたけど復活よー!! またそのうち色落ちしちゃうけどね!笑 RISELxoxo 担当 KAZUさん ありがとうございました✨ 写真もKAZUさんが撮ってくれた! * * #2ヶ月同じ髪色ってレアだよね #明日の動画からこの髪色❤️ #あっサブはまだだけど! #オシャレに撮ってもらった😋

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Mika – mmk__56

Mika blogs exclusively in photos on the Japanese fashion app WEAR, and now documents her fashion on Instagram. She is a mom of two. Her outfits are elegant, mature and sophisticated, but never boring.

Ichijyo Hibiki – ichijyo_hibiki

Ichijyo is a model at Maison de Beaute and Koakuma Ageha, and blogs at Crooz. Her primary job, however, is as a hostess at Fourty Five in Kabukicho. She’s friends with Emiri Aizawa, the famous fashion producer and kyabajo. If you’re into this kind of fashion and lifestyle (like me), hers is a fun account to follow. If you like her, also check out maritan78.

真顔(´⊙ω⊙`) , , 立ち位置決めるから立って〜💓って言われてる時。わら , , 麦茶好きだょ🍵💕💕 , , , 今日もお仕事お休みです(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)🍒🍒🍒 , , #歌舞伎町#キャバ嬢#一条響#キキララ#キキの方💙#ブルー好き#おだんごヘア#ドレス#メゾンドボーテ#お仕事は#明日から

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Aya – aya_green1010

Aya blogs at Ameblo and has a large following (80k+). Her fashion snaps are very classy and office-worthy, and even though I don’t have an office job I kind of like this type of look.

Airin – coco_airi

I’m not sure about Airin’s origins, but she now runs a very Emiria Wiz-esque fashion line and blogs at Ameblo. Her snaps are fashion, lifestyle (meetings, pets) and travel. Anyway, I’m a fan of Emiria Aizawa (emiri0901) so I love Airin’s page, too.

Risa Sekine – sekine.risa

Risa is actually a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, read more about the top Japanese YouTubers here. She has a really high engagement rate so I assume her fans are really devoted to her.

Reina Hoshi – reinahoshi

Reina is a mother of two and recently wrote a book about her fashion. She’s really popular and often does collaborations with webshops like Fifth Store.

まだまだ暑いですが、少しずつ秋物をチェック👗 やっぱりトレンチコートは大好きです😊💓 定番は持っているので トレンドのシルエットやちょっと冒険カラーが気になる😳💓 長めで薄手でさらっと羽織れる @so_close_official のトレンチは グレイッシュなピンクが絶妙で綺麗✨✨😊 コート#soclose#ソークロース T#UNIQLO#ユニクロ 靴#valentino#ヴァレンティノ バッグ#HERMES#エルメス , #coordinate #fashion#outfit#ootd#instafashion#mamafashion#mamacoordinate #ママコーデ#ママコーディネート#コーデ#コーディネート#ファッション#ママファッション

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In conclusion…

what do you think? I feel like I’m becoming really boring and OL with my fashion sense lately, so that’s why there are so many modest/casual Japanese Instagrammers on the list -_- …who are your favorites? 

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