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Japanese Fashion Magazine Review: Steady January 2018

If you read my summary of the types of mainstream fashion you’ll find in Japan, you’ll see I put the popular lifestyle magazine Steady under the Casual Girly fashion type. I think I was totally wrong about that.

Cover for January 2018 issue.

Steady seems to be catering to OLs, aka office ladies, aka girls with jobs who are looking to get married. It’s pretty spot on with the types of clothes you’ll see at Fifth Store, which I talked about before. However, it isn’t about fashion. It’s a lifestyle magazine with features on cooking, cleaning, cosmetics, entertainment and advice as well as fashion spreads.

Best cosme (cosmetics) of 2017 awards spread.

Personally, I’d never read the magazine thoroughly before. But since this type of fashion is extremely popular I decided to try it out. I’m kind of floundering around right now searching for a fashion muse. Anyway, I chose the January 2018 issue because as the first magazine run of the new year it was going to be damn special. And I was right! Because there were hardly any ads and the freebie was a 3-pack of Mercury Duo pouches.

Time Place Person Occasion outfits spread.

The best piece this month was their TPPO or Time / Person / Place / Occasion spread. It gives you outfit suggestions based on who you are and what you’re doing, and man they thought of everything. Christmas date, bonenkai (forget-the-year parties), class reunion, shopping, girls’ date, work meeting, the office – you name it, they’ve got a suggestion for you. Of course they’re all really modest and work appropriate.

Bottom left, suggested bonenkai outfit.

As for their target audience, most of the featured items were really expensive, either high-end or luxury, except the drugstore cosmetics. That, combined with the outfit occasions, cooking and cleaning advice and the fact that they have a 15-page spread on the best OL bags, tells me it’s aimed at 25 to 30+ working women. If I had to recategorize it now I would either put it under “OL” or “Modest”.

Best bags.

All in all,

very recommended if you’re looking for office fashion, but as for me, still looking for that muse!

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