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Onee Gyaru Brands and Where to Shop

Onee gyaru or “older sister gal” is the remnants of the late 90’s and early 00’s gyaru fashion movement. It’s very niche and not a popular style among the general public, though it still has a large following and is one of the more popular style types among gaijin gyaru. The easiest way to describe it is that it’s gal, but classier and grown-up. Their magazines are Jelly, Ane Ageha and Koakuma Ageha, to some degree. Both of those magazines are geared towards hostesses, their fashion, makeup and lifestyle.

So what are some of the most popular onee gyaru brands?

Emiria Wiz

Emiria Wiz is a newish onee gyaru brand launched by Emiri Aizawa. Emiri is a hostess (former Number 1 in Kabukicho), model for Koakuma Ageha and now a published author. You can read summaries of her first book on Universal Doll. Shop for Emiria Wiz online at their official website, and they also have a boutique in Shinjuku.

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Eimy Istoire

Eimy Istoire is an onee gyaru brand with Manami, a former Rienda shopstaff, as its creative director. The clothes are really expensive but so stylish! You can shop for her clothes online at the official webstore.


Rienda is another well-known gyaru / onee brand. Most of their clothes are super classy but still feminine and put-together. Shop for Rienda online at their webstore on SHEL’TTER.

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Lip Service

Shop for Lip Service online at Atomic Boxx.


Rady is featured in Jelly, a gyaru magazine. They’re one of the more popular onee gyaru brands and recently did a collaboration with AKB48, the most successful idol group Japanese history. Rady is available online here.


According to their Instagram, the concept at Resexxy is “American glamourous”. Their clothes used to be a lot “sexier” but lately they’ve moved to being more classy. Shop for RESEXXY online at the Runway Webstore, and they also have a shop in 109.


Duras used to be a popular gyaru brand. Now they’re a popular onee brand. Check out their webstore for yourself and see what you think.

Delyle Noir

Delyle Noir is one of the less popular onee gyaru brands. It’s kind of expensive for the quality you get but that’s pretty common among 109 stores. Delyle Noir is pure onee and is always featured in Ane Ageha and occasionally Koakuma Ageha to a lesser extent. Shop for it online at Blanc Closet.

 In conclusion…

am I missing any important ones? Let me know in the comments or send me an email.

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