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Top 10 – Most Popular Japanese YouTubers

Time to delve into the world of Japanese influencers.

You might think YouTube is mostly an American thing, and okay it is, but it’s actually popular around the world. I started watching Japanese YouTubers a few months ago and before I knew it I was hooked, following my favorites on Instagram, watching their videos for hours and taking their sponsored recommendations to heart.

So here are some of the top Japanese YouTubers, summarized for your convenience:

Yuka Kinoshita

According to her influencer network UUUM, Yuka Kinoshita is the most popular female YouTuber in Japan. She mainly does videos about food! From her intro video: “I love eating. OoGui (eating a lot) is my channel’s main focus. I often do a social eating live (Mukbang)”.

What? You don’t know what mukbang is? Here’s a little help from WikiPedia: “an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food while interacting with their audience”. 😂😂😂 Yuka also has almost 4 million subscribers.

Risa Sekine

Risa Sekine is one of my favorite YouTubers. She does haul videos, cosmetic reviews, tutorials and room tours. Currently, she has less than one million followers. I’m not sure why but it seems beauty and fashion categories are not as popular?


Saaya is another fashion and beauty YouTuber that I like to watch sometimes. Her subscriber count and interaction rate is similar to Risa’s, but her style is much different. She is like Larme style, very girly and cute. She does hair tutorials, makeup challenges, hauls etc. and also talk about her own life and beauty updates.

Sasaki Asahi

Sasaki Asahi’s most popular uploads are her makeup tutorials. She does the extreme makeup looks, like skull makeup for Halloween, very well. And her skills even got her into the FACE Awards this year. But I mostly watch the regular day-to-day makeup and reviews. I did a small write up about one of her videos here.


HIKAKIN is the most popular Japanese YouTuber. On his main channel, each one of his videos has 1-2 million views. Here’s the intro video for the HIKAKIN TV channel (5+ million subs), which has over 60 million views:


PockySweets is a popular gaming YouTube channel. A lot of foreign people must like him because one of the top searces is “PockySweets English”. 


Hajime is a popular entertainment and variety YouTuber. I think he’s actually more popular than HIKAKIN, he just doesn’t have as many channels. Here’s his most popular video on YouTube, which went viral with over 38 million views.


Fischer’s is a group of entertainment YouTubers. They’re quite popular as well, with almost 4 million subscribers a the time of writing.

TAKUTTI (Takucchi)

I just wanted to include another gaming channel on my list for some variety. TAKUTTI does Minecraft and Biohazard videos, and I don’t recognize any of the other games on the list. Looks like some kind of weird Animal Crossing game?


AAAJoken is a popular Japanese YouTuber with nearly two million subscribers as of right now. She does mainly toys reviews and intros about products from Japan, and sometimes videos about the kids going on adventures.


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