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Random Snaps of Daily Life Tokyo: January and February 2018 Edition

I have a lot of random photos of my daily life in Tokyo that aren’t interesting enough to make a post of their own, and also not good enough for Instagram. So I thought I’d create a new series as a way to showcase them.

Not that we’re talking about, as I said, anything particularly interesting. Just like, super random and definitely not post-worthy.

First off, the magic of Japanese packaging.

These LuLuLun face masks come out like a tissue. It’s basically genius.

Then I organized my room somewhat. I was most proud of the makeup corner cause I literally bought everything from the hyakkuen shop inside the station.

Second, this translator for ili. I borrowed this like two days after I arrived in Tokyo in order to test it out. And then I went out that same weekend on that horribly awkward date which you can read about here.

The week, I went to Omotesando and Aoyama for some sightseeing. But nothing interesting happened so there was no post.

That’s at Aoyama Cemetery.

Above is the Watarium, a famous photography museum in Aoyama. The outer wall is decorated with photos by a famous artist.

Then Tokyu Plaza Harajuku. I love this hall of mirrors. And since no one wants to walk rather than take the escalators, the middle is also free for photo taking.

And some of Shinjuku:

I’ve been to Shinjuku so, so, so many times because it’s just minutes away from my station and super convenient. It’s funny cause before this I almost never went there. I always thought Shibuya was more fun. Now Shinjuku has grown on me! I’ve come to love it.

Here’s some from just the other day, the Southern Terrace winter illuminations 2018.

Those I couldn’t be bothered to edit so yeah that’s what I actually look like.

And here’s a random pot of tea.

The story of this tea is that it’s way too ugly to go on Instagram or even in a future cafe compilation post. But I bought it during a private lessons, which I teach now and then (like twice a week). I only have a few consistent students but I really enjoy it.

These tsurushi bina (unfortunately, the photo is sideways) are in the lobby of my Japanese language school. So the story of them is that they remind of that. That I started classes as a student, as well.

But actually these are a decoration for Girl’s Day in Japan, which is March 3rd. Lol.



Oh, and this!

This photos reminds me of my new job (cause I’m about to record vids for work) that I’m very happy in. Instead of doing the same thing every day, I have to work on a variety of projects and use all sorts of skill sets.

I’m still trying to figure out a good work schedule, but other than that, life right now is just really good. A little random. But good.


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