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Review of Shinjuku Granbell Hotel in Kabukicho

I only stayed at the Shinjuku Granbell Hotel for just one night, but I can already tell you this place is excellent value for money.

First of all, makes a good first impression with a stylish modern lobby. So far so good. Plus, the staff were polite. Thank god.

When I get upstairs, I find that the room (standard twin in my case – they were all out of singles) is actually really spacious by Tokyo standards and has a full-size bathtub. If you ever stay at an APA Hotel, you’ll know what I mean by “a full-size bathtub”.

Sorry for the shit photo quality, I was really haggard.

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

The view on this side is a love hotel. No joke.

Alright, the room had a mini fridge, kettle, coffee…and mugs that people probably steal all the time because they are customized and say GRANBELL HOTEL on the bottom. Seriously though don’t steal them. It’s not worth it and you have enough mugs, trust me.


Basically, it’s a upper range business hotel,

but I was just staying in the basic room. The more expensive suites are really swanky, if I do say so myself. But if you’re traveling alone the single rooms are cheap, in the 7,000 yen range.

And they’ve got a rooftop bar. There’s a cover charge for evenings, but they have a few other restaurants on the same floor and that’s where the breakfast is. The concierge gave me a breakfast voucher and I was like “Thanks,” but in my head I was like “lol thanks but I wouldn’t be caught dead eating at a buffet by myself.”

Shot from their website:

I didn’t plan to stay in a hotel but before we even left the ground, the plane was delayed by over three hours while the mechanics replaced a part. So by the time I got to Tokyo, the rental agency would be closed and I would be forced to waste money on book a hotel.

I knew about the Granbell hotel because I’d written about it before on another site. So after I landed I was already booking a room there while waiting in line at immigration at Haneda.

How to get there…

Took the Limousine bus to Shinjuku Station West Exit and made my way, on foot, to the north end of Kabukicho.

I should have gotten a cab but being the cheap ass I am, I decided to walk. Lugging my giant backpack and wheeling my giant hard shell luggage past dozens of love hotels and touts. That was like the worst idea ever. Because the next day when I woke up, my arms were so sore from hauling the luggage around. But the agency was only an 8-minute walk away and I decided to just walk it.

By the time I got there, my arms were so weak they were trembling. I could hardly hold a pen.

Anyway just get the cab from Shinjuku Station. My final bit of advice.

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