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Top 5 – Best Taiwanese Dramas to Watch 2017

I love Taiwanese dramas.

I first started watching them after my study abroad term in Taipei. The best part was seeing familiar places. I mean, Taiwan is a small country – I can’t tell you how many dramas feature the Dream Mall in Kaohsiung and scenes of the Da’an area of Taipei.

So it’s May 2017 now. As of now, these are the Taiwanese dramas I recommend!

Love, Timeless

This drama just started and it’s pretty awesome. Great story, moving, love the lead guy. Not a fan of Summer Meng though. I prefer girls like Alice Ke, more of a mature pretty. Or maybe I’m just jealous of her steamy scenes with my future husband, Nick Chou. Anyway, as of the time of writing there are only 4 episodes out so I can’t say much, just watch it!


This drama was ACTUALLY funny. I can’t think of another series like this, dealing with gender bending, bromance, love vs homosexuality, that kind of thing. Definitely recommend. Even though there are so many cringe worthy awkward moments. That’s what makes it great. It didn’t come out this year but I don’t think it’s super old or anything.

PS – I researched the handsome lead and it turns out he actually does come from a family of gangsters (!!!)

Marry Me or Not?

So this drama is a little sappy and too melodramatic at times. BUT the frenemy relationship between the two female leads is excellent. Loved it. I think every girl can relate.

As well, the problems that Huan Zhen has are so relevant to society today. So while this looks like a fluffy drama on the surface, it actually deals with a lot of deep issues (the way women are viewed as sluts for not staying chaste/the double standard, the fragility of relationships and friendships, marriage expectations, rape) and psychological problems like abandonment issues, destructive behavioral patterns and manipulation (of Sheng Nan by the guy she likes, Qian Yao).

And besides, Alice Ke is my favorite actress, I would pretty much watch her in anything.

Substitute Princess (AKA King Flower)

MY GUILTY PLEASURE LOL. What girl wouldn’t want this to happen to them? “Oh, I bear a vague resemblance to your billionaire dying fiance and you want me to take her place and live her life while she recovers from surgery, because if anyone finds out your grip on her half of the company is lost? And you want to pay for my expensive surgeries to do it? YES PLEASE”.

Plus, James Wen is super hot.

But I would never tell any Taiwanese person that I watched this show, let alone enjoyed it…maximum loser status. I actually downloaded the theme song to my iPhone, and the day I got caught listening to that was one of the most embarrassing things ever. 

Again, this drama is pretty old now but it’s one of my favorites.

Office Girls

Office Girls was pretty good, especially if you hate your office job. I mean, watching dramas you can relate to just makes you feel good right? They’re the same actors from Marry Me or Not. He definitely looks better with black hair. And, Alice Ke! What more do you need? This drama was pretty popular in Taiwan when it came out.

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