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Which Japanese Combini is the Best?

As you probably don’t know, since almost no one reads this blog chronologically, I am a huge fan of combini and combini food.

In Canada, you’re usually limited to like three options: hot dogs, chips and pop. So the first time I stepped foot in a Japanese style 7-11 (which happened to be in Taiwan, actually), I was so amazed. It was like a lazy person’s heaven. An endless variety of instant, affordable, tasty and actually not that unhealthy food.

I’m not picky when it comes to the brand. It’s not like I’ll walk an extra five minutes to go to the Lawson because “I won’t shop at 7-11.” Nope. I want to eat everything, from every combini!

BUT. I do have favorites. Let’s take a look at the Big Three.

Family Mart

Get a load of this latte’s portrait. 

If I had to pick just one, I would probably say Family Mart is my favorite. First off, they are the only ones who have that cantaloupe cream bun I super love. Secondly, they have a contract with Muji so you can buy like Muji pens and notebooks. So people will think you shop at lifestyle stores when actually you’re just lazy AF and forgot to bring a pen.


Lawson is the least common. But they have the healthiest food options as far as I can tell. I love their salads and smoothies/juices.



I used to love the baked goods section at 7-11, except of course that they don’t sell that delicious melon bun here. I think they also have the best bento and those types of savory foods.

Here are some various combini things I can’t put under those headings since I’m not actually sure where I got most of them.

Of course the salad I got from Lawson. Told you they’re the healthiest.

This I don’t recommend.

I don’t remember this but I think it was Family Mart.

My attempt at making a healthy choice. You can get these and most drinks actually at any of them.

Ok abrupt end of post. Happy hunting!

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