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Winter Visit to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

My housemates E, H and I went to see Shinjuku Gyoen last weekend. Just like my visit to Hamarikyu Gardens with Koro, the weather ended up being really sunny and mild. So it was super lucky once again, because now it’s cold, winter coat weather again.

I’ve never been to Shinjuku Gyoen before, but like most places in Tokyo I researched it and wrote about it for work. The place is massive, way bigger than it appears in photos. So I could suddenly understand why it’s so popular in hanami season.

I don’t think we were able to cover much of it. Like I don’t remember anything about the French and Japanese gardens I remember reading about. But we at least went to the greenhouse, and explored outside around the grounds a bit.

I think in winter, visiting a greenhouse is especially refreshing.

Cacao. Such a godly plant.

Of course, having grown up in Canada, I’ve never seen any of these plants before in my life. If it’s not moss, pine or maple, it’s not in my vocab.

E saw this palm frond and was convinced it would make us look like Victoria’s Secret Angels on the catwalk. With the wings. Are you ready for this????







Yeah. Actually more of a peacock or a Dr. Seuss character than an angel. You can die laughing now.

This would have been perf if it weren’t for me peace-ing out with the wrong hand lol.

But I killed it here so it’s all good.

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